Teacher Training Workshops

These workshops are designed to initiate teachers towards student-centric perspectives in the mainstream classrooms. The topics listed here provide a broad outline. The school personnel should feel free to request tailoring of these to best fit the needs of their teaching community.

  1. Effective Classroom Management Importance and Strategies
    Defining classroom management, Understanding importance of classroom management in context of student learning, different aspects of classroom management, needs of student in a specific age group, strategies to enable effective learning environments in the classrooms

  2. Social skills in the classrooms -: What, Why and How (Nurs- Grade 2)/ (Grade 3-5)/ (Grade 6-8)
    Identifying core social skills for different age groups, understanding biological underpinnings of social behaviors, outlining the importance of social behaviors in Indian cultural context, procedures and strategies to bolster social skills among students

  3. Balancing emotional and intellectual growth -: Nurturing the whole learner
    Understanding parallels between cognitive and emotional development, key elements of emotional health, proactive vs. reactive approach to protecting our students, intervention at school, classroom and individual levels

  4. Teaching English Language so it sticks
    Focus on first generation learners cultural processes in English language learning, understanding language development in context of second language learning, influence of emotional repertoire and curriculum elements in gaining fluency of language use, conducting effective English language teaching

  5. Learn to read/ Read to learn -: A perspective for teachers
    Developmental perspective to reading acquisition, relation to language and cognitive structures, skills in reading acquisition, enabling lifelong learners