What is EdEssential

EdEssential is a community outreach initiative by Geetika Kapoor. Having practiced in the field of Education and Child Psychology for over 15 years, trained in scientist-practitioner model, it is her vision to bring science of education and behavior to people whom it matters the most- school managements, administrators, teachers and parents.
EdEssential is devoted to strengthening environments where children reach their best potential; be it schools, home, or the community.

Our activities include:

  1. School-based consultations for school managements, administrators and teachers in finding solutions for students' academic, social and emotional needs.
  2. Extensive, year-long training modules for teachers in using and developing instructional programs based on evidence based strategies.
  3. Enabling teachers in implementing the designed instructional programs
  4. Coaching teachers in classrooms when hands on training is requested
  5. Conducting awareness workshops for parents and teachers
  6. Assisting schools in developing educational models to support learners who underachieve and/ or exhibit identified special needs