Teacher Training Workshop on 10th September, 2015

Subject: Closing Achievement Gap - Building true potential of a child

These are exciting as well as challenging times. On one hand, various boards of education have attempted to move students away from rote memorization towards critical thinking. On the other, recent international reports inform our students as lacking in basic academic (reading, writing, mathematics) skills, leave aside critical thinking and other life skills.

Amidst much debate about school reforms and raising bar for student achievement, we are hosting an interactive workshop for teachers Closing Achievement Gap - Building true potential of a child, which brings to you effective and efficient ways of enabling your students reach their best potential. Psychological and behavioral sciences offer a great deal of educational solutions to create a world where our students learn in happy environments, become masters of different skills and confidently lead the nation towards success.

Outcome of Workshop: You will leave this workshop enlightened about best practices in student achievement, and ready to plunge into a successful year of teaching and planning.

Workshop highlights:

  1. Dynamics of achievement gap
  2. Creating skill based learning experience
  3. Positive engagement with students
  4. Classroom practices that ensure motivation and high achievement

Date, Duration & Venue: 10th September from 9 am to 2pm at India International Centre, 40, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi - 110003

About Founder & Director, EdEssential:

Geetika Kapoor is a highly qualified School Psychologist, trained in Kansas, USA. During her career spanning almost 15 years now, she has worked closely with many renowned schools in making learning an emotionally healthy experience for all children. As a consultant, Ms. Kapoor works with schools in creating systems within schools that ensure children will feel safe and reach the best of their ability. She spends extensive time training teachers, administrators and families through workshops, and direct coaching.

Detailed Schedule:

  1. 9.00 am: Registrations
  2. 9.30 - 11.00 am: Dynamics of achievement gap: Including the whole child
    Creating skill based learning experience
    Enhancing personal accountability and achievement as a teacher
    Balancing emotional and intellectual needs of students
  3. 11.00 - 11.30 am: Tea break
  4. 11.30 - 1.00 pm: Teaching with a smile: Positive engagement with students
    Classroom practices that ensure motivation and high achievement Conclusion
  5. 1.00 - 2.00 pm: Lunch

Who should attend?

  1. Educationists and Teacher trainers
  2. Teachers
  3. School Administration Personnel
  4. Parents

Note: Participants will receive attendance certificates to support their professional development requirements.

Please register your seats with the undersigned.

Contact Detail: Kulpreet Freddy Vesuna

Email: info@edessential.in

Contact No.: +91 9811132212; +91 8010133598; +91 7028023385